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Just like a bell you can't un-ring....You can't make up for bad entertainment....a seasoned professional DJ will tell you get one shot to get it right!

I mean let's face it, in a week or two most of your guests may remember what food they had or how the room was decorated...but ask them if they had fun and I GUARANTEE they'll remember because the truth be told...nobody blames the Caterer if the party is boring!

                                                               HIRE BETTER ENTERTAINMENT
The Blue Ridge Road Show is not your your average entertainment company.  We focus on 100% customer satisfaction and consistently coordinate closely with other vendors and your guests to ensure everything flows smoothly from beginning to end at each event we undertake.  

So consider this..Blue Ridge works well with clients 
                              that place value on three key factors:  Event Customization
                                                                                              Experience that we bring to the table 
                                                       If this is no big deal to you.........................STOP HERE!.

The first step - after you Contact Us is a no-pressure, no-obligation consultation to meet and discuss your expectations to create what will be one of the most important days of your life where you are the guest of honor. 

Upon booking your event -  we will  provide you with a password account with our Event Planner and Music Planner tools.  We make it simple for our clients to create and edit even the smallest details of their event, from the Grand Entrance, special announcements all the way thru to the final dance of  the evening  (including ceremony sound & premium services), .  We have the experience to handle many of your event needs and with all the plans being made for your wedding day, The Blue Ridge Road Show is committed to making sure that your reception is one thing you don't have to worry about. 
 a little more about weddings  

Your wedding is a big deal to you,  well it a big deal to me also.  I understand the importance of incorporating the simple yet fun elements combined with romantic and traditional values that make your day the best it can be.   It's a lot of money to spend and as events go, it's more than likely the biggest celebration you'll be the guest of honor at.  Ask yourself, how many days in this life carry this level of presedence?  Some things are paid for knowing they are average but when you really want the best, you spoil yourself because you know the value.  You know darn well when you want that "one special dress" or a "grand center piece" that the better stuff costs a bit more but makes the difference between good and great.  
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Calling all 
HomeAbout Us  weddings/receptions SlideShowsPremium ServicesOnline ToolsInteractive DancesClub Mix/KaraokeReviews

 It's no different when choosing the entertainment.  Picture this for one monent, each of your vendors are top shelf but the DJ is mediocre.  How would the night feel?  Sure, the music is important but with weddings, you need to consider the importance of "keeping the party flowing".  Your DJ/Emcee determines all the dynamics and pace of your entire reception, from beginning to end, whether you like it or not.  As a DJ, I pride myself on your event being the best it can be.  As a bride and groom to be...recognizing the right DJ makes all the difference. 
 Well -This is where I end the commentary and suggest you give me a call and hopefully I'll still have your date available.  You can click on my Availability Checker or just give me a call at 507.841.0900.  Occasionally dates have contracts coming in so I leave it open until they are received.

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