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This page was last updated: February 1, 2016
Tips for Getting Started on Your Slideshow
What will be the theme for your Slideshow?
The theme of your slideshow will determine what photos are to be selected.  The pictures or videos you choose will also determine who or what will be the subject theme of your slideshow.  Try to focus on what images you will want to use  and exactly what it is that you are celebrating.  Are you showcasing an entire livetime such as, (parents, grandparents or a family history) or does your theme mark a major life event such as, (wedding, birthday, anniversary or the birth of a child), or other times of remembrance such as a (reunion or a family vacation)?  
Choosing the music for your Slideshow
In most presentations, the music selections convey a clear sense of emotion to the slide show's picture content.  As an example, a wedding slideshow may have a number of songs with each song expressing the best of times according to age ranging from infantcy to young adult.  Where as a ceremony could contain more of a romantic or majestic emotion.  Choosing to present a slideshow during a cocktail hour would demand more of the popular and upbeat song selections.  Each slideshow is different and Blue Ridge Road Show is always available to collaborate with you in order to incorporate all your ideas into your slideshow. 
How many songs do you need to include?
Essentially there are two ways to detemine how long a slideshow will run.  The first way is to select the total number of photos you will include.  By means of multiplying the number of photos times an average viewing time for each picture.  Each photo plus it's transition time is approximately 6 seconds.  If you have 100 photos the you will need 600 seconds or nearly 10 minutes of music for your slideshow.

The other way is to determine how many elements will the slideshow contain?  Typically, a wedding slideshhow will contain three  sections.  One for the bride growing up, one for the groom growing up and the third element showing the couple's time together leading up to the wedding day.  Multipying the number of photos of each section into the length of each song selecton can sometimes shorten the display times of your photos and visa versa.   Blue Ridge Road Show will never jeopardize the quality of it's products and will always consult its client  in order to create and deliver the very best slideshow DVD for it's customers. 
Selecting your photos, videos, and music for your Slideshow
You are now ready to select the content that will create the base for your Masterpiece of Memories.   Decide on how many photos or how many sections you will have in your slideshow.  Determine the number of songs or pictures will be needed by the calculation in the section above.  After you have selected what photos will be associated with each song, then you may sequence and number the photos per song.  If you are submitting all digital photos, make sure they are labeled with the proper sequence number per each section of the slideshow. 
Send us your photos and video clips
Carefully organize and package your photos and send your media using the proper packaging materials.  If sending all digial images, please include a printed list with the order the images are to appear in each section of your slideshow.  If sending photographs, pencil on the back, the sequence number and the section number. 

If you are concerned about sending your photographs to us the please consider scanning or having them scanned to digital media.  The higher quality scanned images will result in better quality on your slideshow.  Please use the information below for scanning your photographs to digital.
  Very small photos   No less than 720 DPI
  2-1/2 x 2-1/2            No less than 600 DPI
  3 x 5                         No less than 400 DPI
  4 x 6                         No less than 300 DPI
  Larger Photos         No less than 300 DPI
Use a trusted carrier for your shipment, USPS, FEDEX, or UPS are recommended.  Obtain a tracking number for your shipment.  Send us an email notifying us your package has ben sent providing us wth the tracking number.  We will confirm delivery by email when your package arrives. 
Preliminary viewing of your slideshow on our website
Once we have finished with the first draft of your slideshow we will post it on our website for your exclusive review.  We will provide you with a password protected link so you will be the only one to see it before it's completioin.  I would suggest viewing it several times over at which time we will be in contact to make whatever corrections within your package selection.  Once approved the final version of your slideshow can then be completed and made ready to be delivered or made available at your event presentation.
We look forward to serving you!
Estimated time of completion
We like to receive orders with photo's in hand 3-4 weeks prior to your event.  The reasons we request 3-4 weeks is so we have time to create the slideshow and give you, the client, plenty of time to review the slideshow online and make the requested changes.  Also if you will be presenting the slideshow at your event, take in to account the carrier time for delivery and the time you will want to fully check the DVD in the DVD player you will be using to present your slideshow.  Any order placed under 3 weeks is consider a RUSH ORDER.  The charge for these services is determined by the package you choose and time involved for completion.  Also with RUSH ORDERS, you may not have time to review or edit your slideshow.  Please contact us for more information
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